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Calvary Chapel University welcomes students from all ages and backgrounds who are called to ministry and/or retiring and are in search of their next journey with God.  Whether you are seeking a career in ministry, counseling, education, or you just want to gain biblical knowledge, taking those first steps can be huge, and we want you to know that you’re not alone!  Through career counseling and prayer,  CCU can help make this process enjoyable.  Your counselor will want to get to know you.  Part of getting to know you is learning about where you are coming from and where you believe God may be calling you to serve and/or work.  It is important  you take some time to pray and reflect on your life and your goals.

Calvary Chapel University is here to help you explore your options and what program will help you to succeed.  CCU will ask about your interests, skills, and strengths.  We will explore everything that is relevant to choosing a career.  Things to think about when choosing a career path would be to identify what you LOVE to do, along with what you do well and what comes naturally to you.  Check out some of these articles below.  

How to do what you you love for a living  

How to identify and pursue your passion

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Career Counseling does not stop at the beginning of your education process.  Students can benefit from counseling throughout their program.  We have a team of professionals who are available to help.  Meet our team members:

Donna Lien – Registrar 

It is such a joy to have you here with our family at CCU!  Throughout your journey with us here at CCU it is our deepest desire to pray for you and help serve you in any way that is helpful for you to succeed.  We desire that all our students seek prayer and God’s call on your life here at CCU and beyond.  Donna is available to help with your Bachelor’s program recommendations, transcripts, prayer, and anything else you may need.  Donna completed her certificate from the Horizon School of Evangelism in 1993 and attended Ashford University. We are happy you are here!   

Contact Donna at or 954-453-9228.

Pamela Prince – Bachelor Degree Counseling

It’s my pleasure to assist you in guidance and prayer about your calling to deepen your relationship with Jesus through studying his Word and for being effective in the Kingdom!

I attended Horizon School of Evangelism in 1992 and enjoyed a month-long practicum in Russia where I worked with a team to share the gospel in a small village outside of St. Petersburg.  I then stayed on to assist the Director of HSE for 5 years. I was a women’s leader in our home-based bible study for 15 years. I’ve served as a small group leader in women’s skills, and inner-healing ministry for 3 years through North Coast Calvary Chapel. I’ve been involved in pastoral counseling at my last two churches. I currently enjoy being involved in the Healing Rooms ministry at my church. I am passionate about applying the truth of the Word and who HE is and seeing it applied to our daily lives, inner healing, physical healing, people set free and living abundant lives. I believe that I can do what He says I can do, through HIS power in Luke 4:18 & 19.

Contact Pamela at or 858-337-9220.

Jeff Christianson – Biblical Counseling 

There are millions of people unemployed right now. That means the job market is tough and extremely competitive—but Calvary Chapel University faculty member and career counselor Jeff Christianson will give you the tools and strategy you need to stand out. It’s time to make your dream job a reality. 

The Career Counseling session includes the following discussion points with the student who makes an appointment: 

#1 Be Crystal Clear: Make progress by understanding your talents, your passions and your mission.

#2 Time to Get Qualified: This is where your degree at Calvary Chapel University comes in! Answer the questions: What do I need to learn? How long will it take me to get there? 

#3 The Right Connections: Build your web of connections, understand the best way to ask others for help, and know how to get others to recommend you for the job. 

#4 Resumé Guide: Rethink everything you know about writing a resumé and how you can make yours stand out in a stack. 

#5 Interview Guide: Get great advice on how to prepare for the interview and leave a lasting impression. 

#6 Q&A: Pray with Pastor Jeff and get answers to your questions in a Q&A session. Learn how to find a job in your sweet spot, how to successfully transition careers, and more.

Why meet with Pastor Jeff?

With over 25 years in higher education, Jeff Christianson is an experienced on-campus student career counselor. He has served young people who were just getting started and mid-life students being trained for a career pivot. Jeff served as a corporate chaplain, military chaplain, hospital chaplain and law enforcement chaplain – all of which included guidance counseling.  He earned his Master of Arts degree in Theology and is the President of the International Association of Biblical Counselors – an organization that trains and certifies counselors and prepares them for employed positions around the world.  

Set up your appointment today by clicking  Appointment Calendar.

Dr. Kathy Morales – Women’s Studies

Known as an inspiring international Bible teacher and retreat speaker, Kathy Morales delights in making the Word of God practical and easy to understand. She inspires women around the world to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Kathy also offers gospel centered counseling for women attending Calvary Chapel University. She gives biblical guidance to lifelong learners attending the University. Aligned with the vision and mission of the University, Kathy desires to see women love God, love others, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Kathy’s aim in counseling is to use the Word of God to assist believers to grow in the likeness of Christ.

Kathy is a senior pastor’s wife and women’s ministry director at her home church, Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s also the Chief Academic Officer and Women’s Ministry Director at Calvary Chapel University. She holds a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and master’s degree in Business Management, both from Liberty University. Kathy’s greatest joy and priority is her role as a wife, mom, and grandma.

Contact Kathy at

Dr. Chuck Allers – Masters, Biblical Leadership

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Allers is currently “Pastor Emeritus” at San Diego Branch Church, where he has served since its inception in 2013.  In 2019, he formally turned the leadership of the church over to the next generation of leaders, and now serves the church in a part-time capacity.  In addition to this, he has been a full time faculty member at Calvary Chapel University since 2014, and the Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Veritas International University since 2020.

Chuck has been a volunteer chaplain with the American Red Cross (ARC) in the Spiritual Care Assistance Office since 1999, and since 2008 has been a volunteer chaplain for the Office of Emergency Services (OES) for San Diego County.  He also completed the Basic Course for Critical Incident Stress Management through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) in 1999.

His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma (1983); a Master of Divinity degree from Azusa Pacific University (1994); a Doctorate of Ministry from Azusa (1999); and a PhD in Islamic Studies from The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (2011).  His PhD dissertation (Anwar Ibrahim: Evolution of a Muslim Democrat) was published in 2014 (Monsoon Books).

Along with Calvary Chapel University, Chuck is currently a graduate/post-graduate adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University and Veritas Evangelical Seminary.  He and his wife, Greta, live in San Diego, California.

Contact Chuck Allers at

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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